Family Trees


We are experimenting with adding family trees for families who were in Hanslope for several generations.  We do not have the resources to complete the research to develop many of these family trees, but if anyone else is willing to do so, or already has a family tree which they are willing to share with other users of the site, we would like to add the trees to this web site.  For further information, see below.

So far only one family tree has been developed.  Click on the family name below for the family trees.

Crick family Descendents of Samuel and Mary Crick who seem to have come to Hanslope early in the 18th century.  The original catalyst for developing this family tree was trying to understand the branch of the family that owned 10-12 High Street, often referred to as Crick house, from 1811 to 1934, and again from 1953; and their relation to the branch of the family who seemed to have lived on Stocking Green.
  hopefully, more to come

Conventions used in the family trees are as follows.

Family   One chart is for one family name.  If a family tree is available for a spouse's family, a link will be provided to that family tree.

Connector above is from the marriage from which a person descends.  Date below person name are:

b. year of birth

c year of christening

d. year of death

l. year known to be living

Location of these events is assumed to be Hanslope unless stated otherwise.

Clicking on a person symbol links to a page containing further information on that person or marriage.  This will usually lead to the evidence which supports the information in the chart, such as census and church records, wills and gravestone inscriptions sources.


To left and right of sign are groom and bride.

Date at bottom is year of marriage

If a person has more than one marriage, the marriages are numbered sequentially at the top.

The marriage is assumed to have taken place in Hanslope unless stated otherwise.

Connector below is to the children of the marriage.

Author   The persons who did the research for a family tree are noted below right of the tree.  Clicking on a persons' names will provide a link the persons email, If available.
Forum   A link is provided to a discussion forum about each family, if available.

Guidelines for providing family trees

If you have a family tree for a Hanslope family and are willing to share it with users of this web site, please email it to  If you don't have an electronic copy, email us and we will send you a postal address.  Any format is acceptable; we will convert to the standard format we are adopting.  Please try to provide the same level of information as included in the above examples. We are happy to include information about family members living outside Hanslope.

If possible, provide an email address to which users can send comments and suggestions, so you can coordinate any additions and amendments to the family tree.

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