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Discussion Forum Updated May 2009


Click on Continue to proceed to the discussion forum pages.

The discussion forum pages were introduced in December 2008 to allow users to submit (post) comments, suggestions and questions which are visible to all other users who are able to reply.  We hope you will make use of this facility for communicating with other users of this Hanslope Historical web site.

Change May 2009

To start a new topic or post a reply to a topic, it is now necessary to register as a user and to sign in.  Registration involves entering a code displayed on the screen to prevent automated registration.

This change has been introduced with regret in an attempt to reduce the number of undesirable posts, mainly advertisements for software, viagra or porn.  Most of these postings are believed to be computer generated.

Using the Discussion Forum

Discussions are organised into "Topics" which are listed on the first page (after clicking the Continue, above).  To review messages already posted, click on the name of the topic. 

To reply to a topic click on the postreply button, enter your reply, and and click on the submit button.

To start a new topic, click on the newtopic button and enter a title for the topic which will help others to recognise what it is about, then enter your message.

You can attach files such as digital photographs to your replies.  To attach a file, find the area headed "Upload attachment" below the "Post Reply" area.  Use the "Browse" button to open a popup to search your PC for the file to send.  Then click on the "Add the file" button to add the selected file to the message; then click the "Submit" button to compete submission of your message and attached file.

Exit Forum pages and return to Hanslope home page

To return to the Hanslope and District Historical Society home page from the forum pages, click on the Hanslope Logo icon at the top left of any forum page.

Registration and Logging in

The forum pages can be read without logging in.  However, to make a posting (a new topic or a reply to an existing topic) it is now necessary to register as a user and then to log in.

Please confine your messages to matters concerning the history of Hanslope and district, and please use appropriate language.


If you think any entry posted by others is not appropriate, or you have any other comments on the forum facility, please send an email.