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St James Church Hanslope has records of christenings, marriages and burials from 1571.  These are recorded in the books listed below.  Click on the entry in the content column below to reach the first page of the selected register.  For more background see notes below.

Reel1 Book1 Volume2 Period Content Image4 Status of transcription and photographing



1 I 1571-1732 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials Yes

Transcription was done several years ago and left with the previous vicar who passed them to us several years after his retirement.  The transcription has not been proof read.  Due to difficulties converting from the old data format, as well as the age, and difficulty reading the earlier scripts, there are likely to be significant transcription errors.

The first 44 pages in this register appear to have been transcribed from earlier documents, now lost.  Click for further information.

The last page contains a summary of the charity set up in 1721 by Lady Pierrepont, wife of Gervase Lord Pierrepont Baron Hanslope.

2 II 1733 - 1779 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials Yes The entire transcript has now been proof-read against the image now available which are far more readable than the prints from microfilm used originally.  Numerous corrections have been made and a further 54 records added since the original transcription, including one entire page which was omitted originally (the current page 10).
Marriages in this book are up to 1754 only.  Later marriages are in book 8 (volume IV).

3 III 1780 - 1812 Baptisms and Burials Yes Transcriptions have not been proof-read4.
4 VI 1813 - 1845 Baptisms Yes Transcription not yet proof read
5 IX 1846 - 1863 Baptisms Yes Images available December 2011
6 XII 1863 - 1893 Baptisms Yes Images added February 2013
7 XV 1893 - 1928 Baptisms Yes Images added April 2013
8 IV 1754 - 1785 Marriages Yes This book included a small number of banns of marriage which have also been transcribed



9.1 ? 1785 - 1812 Banns of marriage Yes

Almost all the banns in this book relate to marriages which took place in Hanslope, and are also recorded in the separate records of marriages (below)

9.2 V 1785 - 1812 Marriages Yes4 .
10 VII 1813 - 1837 Marriages Yes4  
11 X 1837 - 1874 Marriages Yes4  
12 XIII 1874 - 1899 Marriages Yes  
13 XVI 1899 - 1929 Marriages    



14 XVII 1929 - 1943 Marriages    
15 XIX 1943 - 1993 Marriages   No plans to transcribe5
16 VIII 1813 - 1852 Burials Yes  
17 XI 1853 - 1878 Burials Yes images available 28 November 2012
18 XIV 1878 - 1963 Burials Yes  
19 II 1832 - 1896 Banns of marriage   No plans to transcribe5
    XVIII 1928 onwards Baptisms   No plans to transcribe5
    XX 1963 onwards Burials   No plans to transcribe5
      1838 - 1899 Wesleyan-Methodist Baptisms    

  1. The reel numbers above refers to the microfilm copy kept in the Milton Keynes and Aylesbury libraries.  The book numbers are as used on the microfilm.
  2. The volume numbers are the numbers that appear on the original books in the church.
  3. As noted above, the transcriptions of some register have not been proof read.
  4. Since it is now realistic to make large-scale images available to users with broadband, rather than proceed with proof reading, a programme has begun to photograph each page of the registers and make images available.  This will make it possible for users to check for themselves when they think there is transcription error. 

    It is now clear that where images are available, they are generally clearer than the prints from microfilm from which the original transcription was done.  Several examples have been found of errors in the original transcriptions, as well as cases where the original transcription was marked 'unreadable', but the new image is clearly readable.  It will now be necessary to proof read again the transcriptions and make corrections.  To avoid delay in making the images available, It is proposed to do this re-proof-read when time is available after images have been published.

    In the meantime, if you find a transcription error, please let us know by email to hdhs@btinternet.com

  5. The registers for which images are available are the general register in use from 1733 to 1770; and subsequent Baptisms to 1813, Marriages to 1837, and Burials to 1812.  A few early pages from the first register are also available, to provide an idea of how different the writing was in the 16th century.

  6. In a change of policy, it is now intended to hold data for periods up to 1940, which means that there may be some information in the database on living people.  This is because we are adding pictures from the early 20th century and hope that the information in the church records will compliment the photographs. 
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