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William Wake is recorded as an owner of property in Hanslope parish in the 1779 survey.

Owner Ref.No. Description Building link View Map Index
William Wake   753 Gridiron Close with a tenement and garden none
  786 Three tenements and gardens at Tathall end thumbnail
Game keepers cottage, Tathall End
  787 A tenement and garden at Tathall end none
  788 Spencers Close, orchard and homestead none
  791 A tenement and garden none
  795 Farm house, outbuildings, orchard, yard and garden none
  815 The Town Croft and tenement thereon thumbnail
Greyhound Inn, Tathall End
Comments in index: late Hanslope Poor
  816 The Swan, with the garden, yard and outbuildings thumbnail
Tathall End, opp.Hnslp.Rd
  818 A tenement garden and pightle thumbnail
Tathall End, The Corn House
Comments in index: late Henry Lowndes Esq
  840 Home Close Cold Harbour
Transcriber's notes: The building on this Close was known as Cold Harbour


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