Kelly's 1847 Directory

Name Entered detail       Building link
Samuel Adams farmer, Long Street           none
Thomas Adams farmer, Long Street           none
Robert Allen carpenter           none
James Barford farmer           none
Thomas Charles Berry engineer, Hanslope park           none
James Bishop farmer           none
Richard Branson mason           none
Thomas Branson mason           none
John Brookes 'The Globe' thumbnail
Globe Inn
John Brown 'The Swan'           none
Jonah Brown butcher           none
George Carter shoemaker           none
James Cawcutt shoemaker           none
Thomas Cawcutt shoemaker & tailor           none
George Checkley farmer, Lincoln Lodge thumbnail
Lincoln Lodge
Thomas Clark wheelwright, Long Street           none
Joseph Cleaver farmer, Water end           none
Thomas Cleaver farmer, Bullington end thumbnail
Bullington End Farm House
James Cox carpenter & parish clerk           none
Joel Cox carpenter           none
James Crick farmer           none
Thomas Evans shoemaker           none
William Fever baker           none
Henry Franklin farmer, Tattle end           none
James Gabel shoemaker           none
David Garrett leaher seller & shoemaker           none
Thomas Garrett carrier; (including scheduled service to Stoney Stratford, tues. & fri. morn. 10)           none
William Goodamn baker           none
Joseph Gregory shoemaker           none
Thomas Harris butcher           none
Thomas Nicholas Heygate surgeon           none
Transcriber's notes: Listed under 'Gentry'
Thomas Higgins farmer           none
Hannah Hindes shopkeeper           none
Joseph Hutchings farmer & maltster           none
John Lattimer farmer, Ivy farm thumbnail
Ivy Farm
William Lattimer 'Greyhound' thumbnail
Greyhound Inn, Tathall End
James Manning butcher & farmer           none
John Manning shopkeeper           none
James Mayne MA; Vicar           none
Edward Miller shopkeeper           none
Benjamin Neal shoemaker, Wooding lane           none
Transcriber's notes: first name recorded as 'Benj.'
Benjamin Neal shoemaker           none
John Newbery 'Cock' & blacksmith thumbnail
The Cock
George Peach leather seller & shoemaker           none
Thomas Peach shoemaker           none
William Prentice farmer, Salcey forest           none
John Rainbow farmer           none
Benjamin Sawbridge farmer, Long street           none
Transcriber's notes: first name recorded as 'Benj.'
John Sawbridge carrier (incl.sceduled service to Northampton to the Bell inn, Wednesday & Saturday)           none
John Sawbridge shopkeeper, Tattle end           none
William Sawbridge butcher           none
William Saxby shopkeeper, Long st           none
Ann Simonds farmer, Tattle end           none
James Simonds farmer, Tattle end           none
John Simonds farmer           none
Richard Simonds farmer           none
Thomas Simonds farmer, Stocking grn thumbnail
Stocking Green Farm
Richard Slade farmer, Green end thumbnail
Green End Farm House
Thomas Slade farmer, near Lincoln lodge thumbnail
Lincoln Lodge
Robert Smith shopkeeper           none
Francis Stevenson farmer, Church end thumbnail
Rectory Farm, now Old Manor House
John Stones shopkeeper, Long st           none
Francis Thomson hairdresser, &c           none
Francis Thomson (listed under National School: master           none
Mary Thomson (Mrs), listed under National School: mistress           none
William Tompkins plumber, painter, & glazier           none
William Townsend farmer, Long street           none
William Warwick baker           none
Thomas White farmer           none
Benjamin Williams shoemaker           none
Thomas Williams shoemaker           none
William Woodward farmer, Pindon end thumbnail
Pindon End Manor
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