Find an Item

These pages will display items from the digital archive.  To find an item, first specify the type of item, then add
other optional criteria, and click Select.  Thumbnails of matching items will then be displayed.

type of entry:
select from menu; if left blank, keywords must be specified
from: to: optional; if left blank, all years selected
Enter keywords:
optional, maximum 5 keywords,
each separated by a space; not case sensitive
1. Examples of key words: road names, church, carnival, parade, float, fete, band, dance, bus, children, school, farm, sports.  This search is most useful when searching for a document found before, when a good guess can be made at the appropriate key words.
2. Do not use names of persons or properties as keywords.
3. To search for a person, use person search.
4. To search for a property use building search page.