Summary for One Person

The following references to Edward Watts for the period 1701 to 1881 may be relevant.

Name married yoB yoI Source Notes
Edward Watts   1774 Bucks County History purchased Stokes Manor
Edward Watts   1776 Received payment 6 entries to 1806 from Feofee expenditure accts
Edward Watts   1779 Survey 1779 Owner of Hanslope Park
Edward Watts   1779 Maps owner Hanslope Park
Edward Watts   1784 Election 1784
Edward Watts   1791 Mentioned in will Will of Henry Smith
Edward Hanslope Watts   1801 Burial
Edward Hanslope Watts 1780 1801 Monuments
Edward Watts   1802 Bucks County History purchased Tothall Manor
Edward Watts 1780 1804 Deeds Buyer Hanslope Lodge
Edward Hanslope Watts   1811 Abstracts of Title Voucher Stocking Green Farm
Edward Watts   1818 Survey 1818 Owner of several properties
Edward Watts   1830 Will Not yet available
Edward Watts 1751 1830 Burial
Edward Watts 1751 1830 Monuments Wife: Florentina
Edward Watts 1751 1850 Abstracts of Title Owner Stocking Green Farm
Edward Watts 1780 1850 Abstracts of Title Purchaser Stocking Green Farm
Edward Watts   1862 Monuments Father; death of Amelia Watts
Edward Watts M   1868 Parent at baptism Father of Sarah; wife Ann
Edward Hanslope Watts   1869 Directory esq. Hanslope Park to 1911
Edward Watts   1876 Directory J.P,Hanslope Park
Edward Hanslope Watt   1881 Witness at marriage William Cuningham to Caroline Walpole
22 records displayed as possibly relevant out of 41 references to Edward Watts.
Note: yoB is year of birth according to the source record, if available
         yoI is year of interest: the year in which the event listed took place.