Street Select

To select a 'street', click on the name on the schematic below, or select from the list to the right.
Church End
Gold Street, East Side
Gold Street, West Side
Green End
Halfway Houses
High Street, East side
High Street, West side
Higham Cross Road
Long Street, East side
Long Street, West side
Maltmill Lane, North side
Maltmill Lane, South side
Market Square
Newport Road, North side
Newport Road, South side
Parish - East
Parish - North-East
Parish - North-West
Parish - other
Parish - South & West
Parish - West
Park Road, East side
Park Road, West side
Stocking Green
Tathall End
The Green
Woodend Lane north side
Woodend Lane south side
When a "street" is selected, thumbnails of buildings on the street will appear, and a click on a building will lead to the available information about that building.  Note that for these purposes, each side of a street is identified separately, to facilitate clicking left and right buttons to "move " from one building to the next along the street.