Maps of Hanslope Parish c1900
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Possibly outbuildings to the adjacent housing House back from Castlethorpe Road House on Castlethorpe Road 8 Castlethorpe Road Faith Terrace, Salavation Army Citadel Garage in early 20th century 4 High Street Village Pound unknown building 8 High Street To be identified 10 High Street 12 High Street New Inn 16 High Street 18 High Street Methodist Chapel 22 High St; former Bakers 24 High St; former Bakers 26 High Street, formerly Shoemaker Working Men's Club 32 High Street; The Elms Osborn Cottages Barnwell Cottage Barnwell Cottage attached Stafford House Old Coblers, Market Square Stafford House Stafford House Church Lodge Possibly farm buildings and malthouse belonging to 32 High Street Coronation Cottages 7 Earl Row 1 Horseshoe Cottages 3 Horseshoe Cottages 5 Horseshoe Cottages 1 Earl Row 2 Earl Row 3 Earl Row Agricultural Buildings Usage unknown 2 houses at Town Yard Builder's Workshops & Store 7 Gold Street 7 Gold Street Outbuildings to 9 & 11 Gold Street 9 Gold Street 11 Gold Street Bull Jitty Buckingham Terrace, Formerly Gladstone Terrace Buckingham Terrace, Formerly Gladstone Terrace 13 Gold Street 15 Gold Street, former Haberdashers Black Bull Inn 27 Gold Street 19 Gold Street, Peach View 29 Gold Street 31 Gold Street 35 Gold Street 6 Caucutts Yard Cairn Cottage Butchers, Gold Street Gold Street Gospel Hall, formerly Old Baptists Chapel 45 Gold Street 4 Yew Tree Terrace Coal barns and privies Building now known as Yew Tree Court Cottage at 1 Newport Road Top School Malt House, Maltings Farm Maltings Farm buildings Maltings Farm Thought to be farm buildings Usage of buildings unknown Horsepond Cottages Probably outbuildings of Vicarage including stables and coach house Vicarage in 1900, now Vicarage Court Rectory Farm, now Old Manor House Former buildings of Rectory Farm 4 The Green Church and Churchyard The Old Vicarage and garden 2, 3 The Green 2, 3 The Green 2, 3 The Green 1 The Green Blacksmith's Forge 20 Gold Street (Blacksmith's) 18 Gold Street (Shop) 16 Gold Street 14 Gold Street 12 Gold Street Swan Inn Swan Yard (stables, coach houses) Green Man yard and outbuildings House close to Green Man Green Man and publicans dwelling 10 Market Square Unidentified dwellings, Church End 12 Market Square 1 Church End, Magpies Nook Probable outbuildings 3 Church End 5 Church Row 7 Church Row Usage of buildings unknown Church Walk The Green Park Road Cook Oak Lane / Newport Road Long Street Road Maltmill Lane / Castlethorpe Road Village Pond Market Square Earl Row Gold Street High Street 51 High Street 49 High Street 47 High Street 45 High Street 43 High Street 41 High Street 4a, b Gold Street, formerly off High Street The Cock 33 High Street 31 High Street 11-29 High Street, former Post Office Old Post Office Store Privies and outbuildings of 11 to 29 High Street 9 High Street 7 High Street 5 High Street 3 High Street, Rose Villa 1 High Street 2 Gold Street, Ancient Lights Outbuildings 2A Gold Street Watts Arms Jemima's shop Cottages on Coop site
Map of Stocking Green in 1900
Map of Halfway House in 1900
Map of Long Street in 1900 No photograph Probable outbuilding 77/79 Long Street 75 Long Street Long Street north of Model Farm Farm building Farm building Model Farm Farm buildings Forest Road, first house 42-28 Long Street The Globe Glebe Cottage, Long Street Penny Cottages 66 Long Street 68 Long Street 5153 63 Long Street 5144 Farm building, now demolished Farm, 51 Long Street 43 Long Street 41 Long Street Outbuilding? Rose Cottage, 35 Long Street 19, 21 Long Street Baptist Chapel 1 Long Street: House in the dip 35, 25 Long Street 16-22 Long Street 4-10 Long Street No longer standing No longer standing 2 Long Street Farm Buildings Outbuilding
Buildings on west side of Talhall End Cottage on Hanslope road Tathall End farm Barn
Map of Newport Road in 1900
Map of Park Road in 1900 Horsepond Cottages Vicarage in 1900, now Vicarage Court Recortory Farm, now Old Manor House Village Pond House set back from west side of Park Road 2-10 Park Road 10a Park Road 10-14 Park Road 16 Park Road 18-24 Park Road 28 Park Road Believed to be outbuildings of the old vicarage (Vicarage Court) Probably outbuildings/farm buildings on 28 Park Road
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Buildings shaded appear to have been built between 1900 and 1911.

More information about most properties can be located by clicking on the property on one of the maps.  Use the parish map to locate farmhouses and other isolated buildings in the parish.

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Original Board School Green End Lane, first house Green End Lane, second house Green End Lane, third house Stocking Green Farm Cottage, Stocking Green First house Second house Third house, farm house third house from Long Street end second house from Long St.end Probably farm buildings House at back First building on Holiday Lane House on Holiday Lane Hales Folly or Folly Farm 67 Newport Road 61 Newport Road 59 Newport Road 57 Newport Road 55 Newport Road Row off Newport Road 47/49 Newport Road 47 Newport Road 1 Hazel Row 2 Hazel Row 3 Hazel Row 4 Hazel Row 5 Hazel Row 7 Newport Road 5 Newport Road Gold Street The Green Church End Maltings Farm House Malt House, Maltings Farm Top School Cottage at 1 Newport Road Forest Farm Salcey Green Farm / Forest Road Farm Rose Lane Farm Spinney Lodge Littelwood / Lilly Hoo Farm Yew Tree Farm Woad Farm Park Farm Hanslope Park Lodge Cottage Park House New Buldings Hanslope Lodge Bullington End Manor Farm Ivy Farm Cuckoo's Hill Maltmill Farm Milford Ley's Farm Lincoln Lodge Green End Farm Hungate End Farm Grange Farm Badgers Balney Houses at Higham Cross - no information available Cottage at Pindon End - no information available Pindon End Farm Chantry Farm Bozenaham Mill - just outside Hanslope parish boundary New Farm Gordon's Lodge Leamington Buildings on Forest Road - no information 28 Park Road Folly Farm, also known as Hales Folly and Wiglands