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Terrier 1599 

A Terrier is an inventory or listing of holdings.  This is a "Glebe terrier" which lists land which was originally intended to provide an income for a Rector.  The document is headed:

The Lande arable pasture and Meadowe grounde
With the closes taken and measured in Anno Domini 1599.
Belonginge to the Parsonage of Hanslopp & Castle Thrupp

The terrier identifies a total of 146 acres.

The Terrier is written in a form of old English.  The Terrier attempts to describe each piece of land, and its location, mainly by reference to adjoining lands and highways.  As is typical with Glebe land, the parcels of land appear to be distributed throughout both parishes.  There is no map.  A few parcels of land can be recognised, mainly by reference to the much later map prepared in 1779, but at the moment most of the items described cannot be identified to specific locations.

Click on the image to access an enlarged images and a transcript of the Terrier.  This image opens in a separate window.  Close the window when finished.

Terrier 1599; click for enlarged version and transcript