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Lease 1694 to Sir Peter Tyrill

Lease1694 to Sir Peter Tyrill; Click for enlarged copy and transcriptionSir Peter's father, Sir Thomas Tyrill purchased land in Hanslope and the lordship of Hanslope in 1663.

It is probable that Sir Thomas also purchased the remaining life of the lease of 1595 at some time before it expired in 1694.

In any case when that lease expired, Sir Peter Tyrill agreed a new lease with the City of Lincoln for 21 years from 25 March 1694.

This lease listed the rights granted in the following terms: “Messuage houses buildings Orchards Gardens Tofts Crofts Gleablands Sanctuary ground Lands Tenements meadows feeding pastures tythes oblacons obventions fruits offerings waifes Strayes Escheats Leets Courts perquesits of Court view of franck pledge amirciaments profits rights priviledges liberties Rents Revercons Services and hereditaments and all other profits comodities and advantages whatsoever”.

The references to "Escheats Leets Courts perquesits of Court view of franck pledge" suggests that a Manorial court is included in the rights obtained by the City of Lincoln.  Such a court would have been the means of ordering the usage of the land and resolving disputes between tenants.  However, it seems more likely that the responsibility for the manorial court remained with the Lordship of the Manor, and that these references to a court are included in the document because the City of Lincoln was copying a standard form of working when drawing up the lease.  (Further work remains to be done on the manorial court.  Some of the records of the court are held in the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies.  A quick review of these suggests that they were part of the records of the Lordship.  There is no indication of any involvement by the City of Lincoln or its lessees.)

The lease of 1694 also provided that a house started by Sir Thomas Tyrill but not completed should be pulled down and “upon some convenient place upon the said premises a new good and strong dwelling house and Barns Stables and outhouses” should be built within three years.  The location of this house is not clear. 

Click on the image of the lease above for an enlarged image, and also a transcription.