The Lincoln estate in Hanslope

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Leases 1717 to 1770 to Dukes of Kingston 

Evelyn Pierrepont, 1st Duke of Kingston by Sir Godfrey Kneller;  Copies of this image are available from the National Portrait Gallery

Evelyn Pierrepont, 1st Duke of Kingston (1665-1726) inherited Hanslope Park in 1715.  He may also have inherited or purchased the lease of the City of Lincoln land.  When the lease of the Lincoln estates in Hanslope came due for renewal in 1717 it must have been natural for him to acquire the new lease directly from the City of Lincoln. 

Evelyn Pierrepont was a Whig magnate, and member of parliament for East Retford before he became 5th Earl of Kingston in 1690.  He was created Marquess of Dorchester in 1706, and Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull in 1715.  He was a prominent figure in fashionable society and an active member of Government, in particular serving as a commissioner for the union with Scotland.

(The image to the left is from a portrait by Sir Godfrey Kneller in 1709.  The original is in the National Portrait Gallery,and the small image to the left is freely available on the Gallery web site.  Click on the image for a link to the Gallery web site from which larger copies can be obtained.)

The first lease directly to the Duke was for 10 years from 11 March 1717.  Click on the image to the right to view an enlarged image


Lease 1717; click to view enlarged

On the death of the first duke in 1726, a list of his assets included two references to Hanslope:

the Lordship of Hanslope and "lands near adjacent", listed at £1,500

the lease of Hanslope Parsonage from the City of Lincoln, listed at no value, with a comment that there is "no profit but only convenience" from it.


The list of assets is part of the records of the Monson family which, coincidently, are held in the Lincoln Archives.  A member of the family was an executor of the Duke's estate. Unfortunately, these records were donated to the archives on terms which prohibit copies being displayed here. The original documents are held in the Lincoln Archives with reference Monson papers 28B-12-5

The first duke was succeeded by his grandson, Evelyn, 2nd Duke of Kingston (1711-1773).  He inherited from his grandfather at the age of 15, so initially his affairs were managed by trustees, including Sir John Monson.  When the lease came up for renewal in 1727, the trustees of the second duke were in charge of the decision, and evidently doubted the value of renewing the lease because they were unable to make any money from it. 

A decision was evidently made to renew the lease, and it was renewed for several short period up to 1770.

The second duke was a soldier, attaining to the rank of general. When rebellion broke out in 1745, he raised a regiment which distinguished itself at Culloden.  He died without children in 1773.  His estates passed to a nephew.  Hanslope Park was sold in 1774, but it appears the lease of the Lincoln estate was not renewed after 1770.

The original correspondence on the renewal of the lease is held Lincoln Archives with reference Monson papers 25-1-7
A further file note from the Monson archives indicates that the City of Lincoln had arranged for a bill to be presented in the Exchequer to recover some tithes.

The original note is held Lincoln Archives with reference Monson papers 28B-12-3-6