The Lincoln estate in Hanslope

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According to notes in the files of the City of Lincoln, enclosures acts for Hanslope were passed in 1777, 1792 and 1802.  These acts have not yet been researched (although a brief review of records held at the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies suggest the enclosure awards were completed in 1779, 1804 and 1828).

However, an idea of the increase in the holding of the City of Lincoln can be gained from a map prepared for Edward Watts in 1779 shortly after he completed the purchase of Hanslope Park.  This map shows the owners of all land in the Parish of Hanslope, and also marks the land newly allocated by the first act of enclosure.  A very similar map was also prepared for the City of Lincoln, although their copy has been very badly damaged by fire.  Click on 1779 map to view the map.

The increase in the land area as a result of the enclosures must be a major part of the difference between the area of the Glebe lands identified in the first available survey of 1599, totaling 146 acres, and the land finally sold, totaling 1,009 acres.