The Lincoln estate in Hanslope

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Visits to Hanslope by the Mayor and representatives of Lincoln

Early leases put an obligation on lessees to provide accommodation for representatives from the City of Lincoln.  While no record of these early visits seem to remain, there are reports of visits in the 19th Century.

Copies of four reports are available here.

Report of a visit in 1874 in connection with additional land required by the London & Northwestern Railway for the widening of the line.  The report also deals with issues at the farms at Milford Lodge and Lodge Farm, Castlethorpe.

Report of agent, 1884 contains a report on each farm, including recommendations to reduce some of the rents.

Report of visit 1892 with report on each farm: work to be done and general remarks on farm and quality of farming, probably written by the agent.

Report of visit 1893 also containing reports on each farm, including further reductions in proposed rents.  There are frequent mentions of the ill effect of a very dry summer, and some critical comments on the quality of some of the farming.