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The local government act of 1894 seems to have created powers to provide new allotments. 

Hanslope Parish Council surveyed demand and submitted an application for an Order authorising them to to hire land compulsorily.  Farmers whose land was at risk of being commandeered were convinced demand was being exaggerated.  A public enquiry was held under the auspices of Bucks County Council.

Click on the illustrations below for enlarged versions of the documents tracing this incident.

Parish Council letter, 31 May 1895

Letter to Lincoln City Council refuses to answer Lincoln's questions which are dismissed as "unnecessary".  The letter threatens to put the compulsory clauses of the new act into force if Lincoln does not meet Hanslope's wishes voluntarily!

Parish Council letter

Letter representing farmers' views

Letter from Caroline Carpenter mentions she has spoken to Mr Adams, Mr Whiting and Mr Checkley, all tenants of the City of Lincoln.  They are all of the opinion that there are plenty of allotment grounds already. 

Since the letter is in the Lincoln archives, it was probably written to the City of Lincoln.  It urges the recipient to "represent the case to the County Council at their next meeting yourself".

Letter about allotments from a farmer

Report of Public Enquiry

A public enquiry on the matter was held on 16 April 1896.  Various possible fields were considered.  In the meeting it became clear that landowners were prepared to lease some fields, including Holloway's field, Long Street; a field at Cuckoo's Hill; and a field of 13 acres in Tathall End Road, the last two both owned by the City of Lincoln.

The committee of the public enquiry referred the matter back to the Parish Council for further negotiation with the landowners, and declared the enquiry a success.

Allotment Report