The Lincoln estate in Hanslope

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Sale 1918

The Lincoln estate in Hanslope and Castlethorpe was finally sold after 372 years

Particulars of Sale

The sale was held at the Grand Hotel, Northampton on Saturday 14 September, 1918. 

By the time of the sale, the estate totaled 1,009 acres and was sold in six lots varying from 74 to 284 acres.

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Particulars of Sale, 1918

Obligations to the Church

The City of Lincoln was keen to sell the estate free of all charges.  There was a correspondence with the Church to obtain relief from the obligations in respect of the repair of the chancel and the payment of a stipend to the Vicar.

The Ecclesiastical Commission asked for a lump sum in exchange.

Although correspondence began in early 1918, it took several years to resolve the matter, and the terms of the sale include a guarantee by the Corporation of Lincoln that purchasers would not be liable for the repair of the cancel and the Vicar's stipend.

The account below show that to redeem the liability to pay a stipend to the vicar, Lincoln paid the Church £1,400; and to redeem the liability for the repair of the chancel cost £575.

Titles letter

Accounts for the sale

A summary of the proceeds of the sale prepared in 1922 showed that the sale realised £25,826.

After expenses, legal fees and payments to redeem the obligations to pay a stipend to the vicar and to repair the chancel, the net realised was £23,289.

Accounts of sale

Notice to Quit

Existing tenants were given notice to quit by 6 April 1919 in notices dated 21 September 1918.


Notice to quit