Images Introduction

View some of the many photographs in our archives

Cutting: Hanslope Steeplechase
There are two ways of searching for images:
  • select a predefined set or collection, or

  • make a keyword search

In each case a list of images selected, or thumbnails (small images) can be displayed, from which images can be selected to view.  Alternatively, images selected can be viewed one-at-a-time.

The above do not provide for searching for photographs of a specific person or building.

To access photographs of a specify person use the person search facility.

To find photographs of buildings, select the building using the street/building search facility

Coop Staff
For some group photographs, the name of each person can be overlaid on the photograph by clicking on the words "overlay names" below the photograph (example below). For the better quality images, a zoom facility is available (click on the buttons at top left of each image - see example below).
Class play, March 1918
overlay names remove names
Arial View