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Watts Arms

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The Watts Arms was built about 1820, as evidenced by the first licence issued in 1821. It was owned by the Watts family and probably replaced the Royal Oak, which was located at the other end of the High Street and demolished in 1819.

One of the tales associated with the Watts Arms is the story of the 1830 Prize Fight held at Salcey Green.  The champion, Alexander (Sandy) McKay, was defeated and subsequently died at the Watts Arms. For the whole story of the role of the Watts Arms in the 1830 Prize fight, click here.

Another tale concerns a black pony with wall-eyes (white around its eyes) which disappeared in the village during a Hanslope Fayre around 1881 or 1882. After much searching it still could not be found, until Mrs Higgins, the publican's wife, went to her bedroom upstairs at the Watts Arms and discovered the pony there!

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Stokes Manor

Watts Arms c1930

Watts Arms 1970s
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The following people are associated with Watts Arms:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
William Lattimers   1821 Pub Licensee  Watts Arms, to 1827 or later  100%
Richard Lattimore   1822 Pub Licensee  Watts Arms, to 1822 only  100%
Rosa Allin 1822  1851 Census  Victualler  60%
Rosamond Allen   1854 Directory  (Mrs), 'Watt's   100%
William Slade 1813  1861 Census  Inn Keeper  100%
William Slade 1813  1871 Census  Licensed Vict; Farmer: 68 acre, 2 men, 2 boys  100%
William Slade   1876 Directory  'Watts Arms'  100%
William Cross   1877 Directory  'Watts Arms'  100%
John Higgins 1857  1881 Census  Licensed Victualar, Farmer; 430ac, 2 men, 1 b  100%
John Varney   1883 Directory  Watt's Arms  100%
John Wills   1887 Directory  Watt's Arms P.H. to 1895  100%
John Mills 1838  1891 Census  Inn Keeper  100%
Charles T Smith   1899 Directory  Watts Arms. P.H.  100%
Charles T Smith 1854  1901 Census  Publican  90%
John Elkington   1907 Directory  Watt's Arms P.H. to 1915  100%
E H Watts   1910 Revenue Survey  Owner  100%
John Elkington   1910 Revenue Survey  Tenant  100%
John Elkington 1878  1911 Census  Publican  100%
George James Reynolds   1918 Election Register  at The Watts   90%
Louisa Mary Reynolds   1918 Election Register  at The Watts   90%
George Reynolds   1928 Directory  Watt's Arms P.H.  100%
Randolph Alfred Bloxham   1939 Directory  Watt's Arms P.H  100%
Randolph Alfred Bloxham   1939 Election Register  at Watts Arms,   100%
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