Harrod's 1876 Directory

Name Entered detail       Building link
John Adams Baker           none
Matthew Adams (Exors. of) Cook's hill           none
Thomas Adams Long Street           none
William Allen Carpenter           none
Henry Ayers wheelright           none
John Branson general builder           none
Richard Branson general builder           none
Thomas Branson Hungate End           none
Henry Brooks tailor           none
Joseph John Brooks Rose Lane           none
Luke Buxton the 'Globe' thumbnail
Globe Inn
George Checkley (Exors of) Lincoln lodge           none
John Checkley Tathallend           none
Henry Clark wheelwright and beer retailer           none
Transcriber's notes: Listed in directory Hy
Charles Cox grocer and draper           none
Henry Cox carpenter and builder           none
James Cox carpenter           none
Jane Crick Mrs High street           none
Frederic Farnbrough Manor farm           none
Walter Fitch grocer and drpaer           none
William Garrett blacksmith           none
William Gregory butcher and vict.the 'Swan'           none
Charles Groocock blacksmith           none
T N Heygate surgeon           none
Hugh Higgins Pindon End           none
Thomas Higgins and landowner,Stocking green           none
George Hillyer butcher           none
Joseph Hutchings Forest farm           none
James Lane shopkeeper           none
Ann Latimer Mrs, the 'Greyhound' thumbnail
Greyhound Inn, Tathall End
John Latimer Ivy farm           none
Joseph Neall grocer and tailor           none
George Newburt Blacksmith           none
Henry Newbury the 'Green Man' thumbnail
Green Manor, former Green Man Inn
John Newbury the 'Cock' thumbnail
The Cock
William Nicholls Bullington End           none
Mark Anthony Nicholson reverand MA, the Vicarage           none
John Page shopkeeper           none
John Rose painter, plumber, &c.           none
John Sansome veterinary surgeon           none
Thomas Sawbridge butcher           none
Thomas Sawbridge Tathall End           none
John Slade Green End           none
Richard Slade Hanslope Fields           none
William Slade 'Watts Arms' thumbnail
Watts Arms
William Slade High street           none
Thomas Smart (Exors of) Hungate End           none
James Smith Dr           none
Joseph Smith boot and shoemaker           none
Martha Stephenson Mrs Rectory farm           none
Joseph Stimson Long street           none
John Stones shopkeeper           none
John Stones Long street           none
Bennett Thomason Park farm           none
Samuel Thomson Spinney lodge           none
Charles Vorley shopkeeper           none
Reginald Robert Walpole J.P.Hanslope Lodge thumbnail
Hanslope Lodge
William Warwick baker           none
Edward Watts J.P,Hanslope Park           none
Richard Webb grocer           none
Henry Whiting Purden End           none
Transcriber's notes: probably Pindon End
Richard Wibley carpenter           none
William York boot and shoemaker           none
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