Kelly's 1877 Directory

Name Entered detail       Building link
George Adams baker           none
John Adams           none
Transcriber's notes: included under 'Gentry'
Thomas Adams farmer           none
Henry Ayers wheelwright, Long street           none
James Robert Bennett grocer & draper & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants           none
John Branson 'Bull', & bricklayer thumbnail
Black Bull, Gold Street
Richard Branson builder           none
Thomas Branson jun. Farmer           none
Henry Brookes tailor           none
John Brookes 'Globe', & farmer thumbnail
Globe Inn
Charles Chapman farmer           none
George Checkley (Mrs.), farmer Lincoln ldg thumbnail
Lincoln Lodge
Transcriber's notes: Listed in directory as (Mrs) George
John Checkley farmer, Cold Harbour farm Cold Harbour
Henry Clarke           none
Transcriber's notes: included under 'Gentry'
Richard Cowley shopkeeper           none
George Cox carpenter & Post Office (also Money Order & Telegraph Office & Savings Bank)           none
Transcriber's notes: receiver for post: arrive at 8.15 a.m.; dispatched at 5 p.m.
Henry Cox carpenter           none
James Cox carpenter           none
Transcriber's notes: also parish clerk
James Crick farmer           none
William Cross 'Watts Arms' thumbnail
Watts Arms
Thomas Fane farmer           none
Frederick Farmbrough farmer, Manor farm, Bullington end thumbnail
Manor Farm
William Gregory 'Swan', & butcher thumbnail
Swan Inn
Charles Groocock machinist & agricultural implement maker           none
William Haynes gardener           none
Hugh Higgins farner           none
Thomas Higgins farmer           none
Joseph Hutchings farmer & maltster           none
James Lane shopkeeper           none
Thomas Lane beer retailer           none
Ann Latimer (Miss), 'Greyhound' thumbnail
Greyhound Inn, Tathall End
John Latimer farmer, Ivy farm thumbnail
Ivy Farm
Joseph Paul Neal shopkeeper           none
George Newbury 'Cock', & blacksmith thumbnail
The Cock
Henry Newbury 'Green Man', & watch & clock maker thumbnail
Green Manor, former Green Man Inn
John Newbury           none
Transcriber's notes: included under 'Gentry'
William Nichols farmer, Bullington end thumbnail
Bullington End Farm House
Mark Anthony Nicholson M.A. [vicar]           none
Transcriber's notes: included under 'Gentry'
John Page shopkeeper           none
Fanny Peach (Mrs.), shoe maker           none
Thomas Peach shoe maker           none
William John Quixley master, boarding school           none
John Rose painter, &c           none
John Sansom veterinary surgeon           none
Thomas Sawbridge farmer & butcher, Tathall end           none
Simons (Mrs)           none
Transcriber's notes: included under 'Gentry'
Charlotte Slade (Miss), farmer, Green end           none
Transcriber's notes: included with Jehu Slade
Edward Slade (Mrs.), boarding school, Wigland           none
Jehu Slade farmer, Green end thumbnail
Green End Farm House
Transcriber's notes: included with Charlotte Slade
Richard William Slade farmer, Milford Lays thumbnail
Millford Leys Farm House
James Smith           none
Transcriber's notes: included under 'Gentry'
James Smith surgeon           none
John Stones shopkpr. & farmer, Long st           none
Charles Vorley carrier           none
Transcriber's notes: scheduled journeys: Northampton, Bell inn, monday, wednesday & saturday, 8.30
Reginald Robert Walpole J.P. Hanslope lodge thumbnail
Hanslope Lodge
Transcriber's notes: included under 'Gentry'
Frederick Warwick farmer, Church end thumbnail
Rectory Farm, now Old Manor House
William Warwick baker           none
Edward Hanslope Watts J.P. Hanslope park thumbnail
Hanslope Park
Transcriber's notes: included under 'Gentry'
Henry West inland revenue officer           none
Joseph Whitbread carpenter           none
Henry Whiting farmer           none
Clara Williams (Miss), mistress boarding school           none
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